Terms & Conditions of Sale

The following terms and conditions apply to all guests who purchase tickets to The Lost Cinema. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Upon purchasing a ticket, the ticket holder agrees to be bound by the terms & conditions below, as well as the rules and regulations found within the FAQ section of this website and the additional rules and regulations relating to each specific venue.


Tickets are available to buy online only by visiting our website www.thelostcinema.co.uk. No tickets will be on sale at the event.

The Lost Cinema uses e-tickets, you will not be issued with a paper ticket. Please bring your booking reference and payment card along to the event with you.

The amount charged per ticket is made up of the film admission / screening, a booking fee and additional services such as parking, private access to gardens / buildings / picnic areas etc where applicable

Cancellation and Refunds

Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or returned and all ticket purchases are final. The Lost Cinema does not provide refunds for booking the wrong film, if the ticket holder is no longer able to attend or is refused entry due to not meeting the terms & conditions.

If a film is cancelled or terminated by The Lost Cinema due to any event including those deemed as a Force Majeure (acts of god, war, hostilities, acts of terrorism, riot, explosion, storm, disease, or any other natural disaster, serious accident or injury, Government control and international incidents) guests will be entitled to reallocate the ticket to another screening of their choice at a later date.

In the event that a film is cancelled, The Lost Cinema will endeavour to contact all ticket holders as soon as is possible. The website will advise of the cancellation and this information will also be displayed on our social media accounts such as Facebook. Please check these sources of information frequently on the day of the event.

If necessary The Lost Cinema reserves the right to withdraw, reschedule or substitute films without notice to another title deemed suitable for the event and its audience.

Booking Fee's are non refundable in any instance, including the cancellation of events.


The Lost Cinema is an all-weather event and the screening will proceed in the event of bad weather such as rain. All person/s attending the event should come appropriately dressed for the conditions. Please remember that even on sunny days if can get cold once the sun has set.

Age restrictions & ID

The Lost cinema has a strict 18 years and over policy. Guests aged under 18 years can only attend if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Babies and small children are not allowed to attend out of curtsy for our other guest.

Film classifications still apply to open air cinema so the film must also be suitable for any guests.

If The Lost Cinema is in doubt of the guest’s age then the guest will be asked to provide photographic ID (accepted forms of identification are UK/EU/International Passports, National Identity Cards and Valid Driving Licenses). Please note that only original documents will be accepted as proof. Tickets purchased for person/s under the classified age will not be refunded.

If alcohol is sold at the event it may only be bought and consumed by guests aged 18 and over. The Lost Cinema bar has adopted a Challenge 25 policy. Anyone who appears to look under the age of 25 will be asked to provide an accepted form of ID proving that they are 18 years or older. It is an offence for anyone under the age of 18 to attempt to purchase alcohol and any underage ticket holders attempting to purchase alcohol will be ejected without a refund.


For the majority of venues you are allowed to bring your own picnic blanket or chair. However, if you do choose to bring a chair you may be asked to sit to the side or the back so that you don't obstruct the view of others. Some venues will not be suitable for chairs, for example if the main seating area is steeply sloped. Feel free to email us with the venue you're interested in and we will confirm either way.

For most screening we have two types of ticket; ‘Admission’ and ‘Admission + Seat’.

The ‘Admission’ ticket has no seating provided and you are invited to bring your own picnic blanket or purchase one from us. With the ‘Admission + Seat’ ticket you are provided with a chair in a designated location. Chairs cannot be moved from the designated location and are unallocated.

If necessary, The Lost Cinema reserves the right to change or substitute the seating types at the event without notice to another type deemed suitable for the event and its audience.

Food & Drink/Alcohol

Each venue has different policies they need to implement. Some do not allow personal food or drink, some allow only food and soft drinks, some allow all food and drinks. Confirmation of the exact policy for your chosen location can be found on our website under the venue specific page. If you cannot find the relevant information, please contact us via the website for confirmation. If someone arrives with their own food and/or drink when not permitted, they will not be allowed to bring these items into the venue.

The Lost Cinema reserves the right to refuse entry or eject any person who is intoxicated, causing a disturbance to other guests, or for any other reason relating to security and/or safety. This person will not be entitled to a refund. The Lost Cinemas decision in this regard is final.


We always try to select venues that are either centrally located or have parking. The parking information for your chosen location can be found on our website under the venue specific page.


All of our venues are deemed no smoking areas out of respect for other guests.


All of our venues will have toilet facilities.

Disabled Access

Each venue is different. However, we will do our upmost to make the venues as accessible as possible. Please feel free to email us with your chosen venue so that we can provide additional information and assistance if required.


No Dogs or other animals are allowed at The Lost Cinema events out of respect for other guests. The only exception to this will be guide dogs.

Tents, wind breaks and umbrellas will not be allowed at The Lost Cinema events out of respect for other guests. They either block the view of others or cause any rain to be deflected off of yourself and onto others.

No babies are allowed at The Lost Cinema events out of respect for other guests.


The Lost Cinema is not liable for any damage or loss you suffer at the event (including without limitation personal injury or damage to or loss of property) save to the extent caused by the negligence of The Lost Cinema or its staff. The Lost Cinemas liability in respect of loss or damage caused by its own negligence shall be limited to the price paid for entry to the event but for the avoidance of doubt this limit shall not apply to the The Lost Cinemas liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the The Lost Cinema or its staff.

For any additional information, please contact The Lost Cinema.