Jurassic Park

Salisbury, Wiltshire (Salisbury Cathedral)

29 Aug 21 7:00pm | Film start time 8:30PM

Film rated PG

An overview

Experience one of the biggest films in motion picture history. Jurassic Park takes you to an amazing theme park on a remote island where dinosaurs once again roam the earth and five people must battle to survive among the prehistoric predators. Discover the breath-taking adventure you will want to experience again and again. (Running Time 121 minutes)

Admission & Extras

Admission + Superior Set Hire

Ticket + Superior Seat (£18.50) - Rather than bring your own, we'll provide you with a comfy seat in a prime position.

Ticket + Front Seat (£18.00) - Immerse yourself with a seat right at the front. Limited numbers available.

Ticket Only (£13.50) - Bring your own blanket or chair and find your chosen spot.

Ticket Add-ons

Blanket (£15.00) - A fleece blanket. Perfect for keeping you warm. Yours to keep.